Cryptostephanus haemanthoides

John Grimshaw
Fri, 25 Jul 2008 11:04:46 PDT
Dylan made a comparison of the rootstocks of Clivia and Cryptostephanus that 
is very apt and in fact I debated with myself this morning whether to say 
that Cryptostephanus is very much like a deciduous Clivia, having a growing 
point on a short rootstock and masses of thick roots. They are quite closely 
related - see Harold Koopowitz's Clivia book.

I grew mine in a gritty loam-based mix, so it would have add some though not 
lots of organic matter & certainly did well in this: Dylan's compost sounds 
a bit thin for an established plant, but good sense for establishing a 
traumatised one.

John Grimshaw

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