Cryptostephanus haemanthoides

Fri, 25 Jul 2008 10:49:23 PDT
I have had a collected plant for eight years that has never really got up
and running but manages to stay leafy most of the year, growing in summer.
If your plants are anything like mine (same source) they are thick
rootstocks with all roots removed, rather like a Clivia stem that has no
leaves or roots. It is coaxing new roots from this shocked condition that is
tricky; if you can manage this you have got over the most challenging

As John indicates, it should be grown warm all year I think, in a sandy mix
with plenty of drainage material such as pumice, as well as charcoal for
'sweetness', with a minimal amount of organic matter. Use as clean a grade
of sand as possible for an advantage. To start them off you could try
straight perlite and apply bottom heat. Once it has new roots developed you
will want to keep it undisturbed for a number of years. It appears to be a
slow grower.

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On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 2:28 AM, Aqua Flora <>wrote:

> Dear List,
> I have just received a number of Cryptostephanus haemanthoides bulbs from
> Rare Exotics. Can anyone advise on growing conditions, growth medium, sun
> exposure, watering requirements etc.???
> Looking forward to your comments!
> Kind regards,
> Pieter van der Walt
> South Africa
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