OT: Aloe Seeds

Ellen Hornig hornig@earthlink.net
Mon, 07 Jul 2008 10:02:08 PDT
Jim Shields asked about sowing aloe seeds.  Jim, I'm no expert, but I have several summer-rainfall species coming up like grass.  I purchased the seed from Dawie Human last fall, and held it dry at room temps until I sowed it late this spring, on my standard seed-sowing mix of 50/50 Turface and Fafard superfine germinating mix (not really what I should be using for aloes, but they're doing fine).  One guess would be that you're sowing yours too fresh; I wouldn't be surprised if they need a good long period of dry dormancy, given their natural habitat.  But I really did nothing special; sowed them in May and stuck them out in a shade house to do what they wanted to do.


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