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I grow many Aloes from seed, from US, South African Sources and collected from my own plants.  I usually sow the seeds in mid April, with high temperatures in the 80s and low temperatures in the 50s.  The sowing mix I use is 3 parts plaster sand, 3 parts pumice, one part potting mix.  I soak the mix, put the seeds on top, and cover lightly with gravel, ensuring some light gets through.  I bag the pot and give it good light, but not direct sun.  I open the bag shortly after germination starts, and remove the pot from the bag before any leaves start to touch the plastic.  Germination is usually 10 days to a bit over two weeks.

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I have had very poor luck germinating seeds of Aloes.  Can anyone give me 
directions on how to handle seeds from Aloe species of South Africa?

I have obtained seeds from two different sources in South Africa and one in 
Brazil (but South African species).  Over too many years to remember, I 
have had one success:  two seedlings of Aloe ecklonis (seed from Brazil).

I need advice!

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