Tim Harvey
Thu, 10 Jul 2008 14:59:34 PDT
Here in Southern California, they grow easily and flower abundantly. They appear tolerant of summer water also.
 T> Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 17:02:15 -0400> From:> To:> Subject: Re: [pbs] Pancratium> > Jim:> > The only Pancratium that we have had success with outdoors is Pancratium > foetidum which has been in the ground since 2000. It flowers for us in > late July.> > Tony Avent> Plant Delights Nursery @> Juniper Level Botanic Garden> 9241 Sauls Road> Raleigh, North Carolina 27603 USA> Minimum Winter Temps 0-5 F> Maximum Summer Temps 95-105F> USDA Hardiness Zone 7b> email> website> phone 919 772-4794> fax 919 772-4752> "I consider every plant hardy until I have killed it least three times" - Avent> > > > Jim McKenney wrote:> > Hymenocallis liriosme began to bloom this evening just as the rain began.> > It’s now pouring out its scent.> >> > For me, the scent of Hymenocallis has a wonderful tropical quality. Yes, I> > know that that's an idiotic thing to say: no doubt there are those who think> > the Thai fish sauce nam pla has a tropical quality, too. But that's just one> > of those things we say, and I'll bet that a lot of you know what I mean> > without further explanation. Earlier this year there were the various Ismene> > sorts which produced this scent in abundance. The scents produced by these> > Ismene sorts is not exactly like that of Hymenocallis liriosme, but there is> > a sort of family resemblance. > >> > My first bulb of Hymenocallis liriosme came years ago from Zephyr Gardens.> > The current one is also from a Texas source, as if to keep the tradition> > going. I’ve been growing this one in a pot, but I’ll bet it would survive> > the winter here easily near a wall. Unfortunately, all of the sunny wall> > space here is already occupied. > >> > I’m also nursing along a tiny plant of what is supposed to be Hymenocallis> > occidentalis: the years are adding up but so far there is not much action. > >> > On a related note: last fall I planted three Pancratium maritimum in the> > protected cold frame. They did not produce foliage then or since. But I> > expect them to do so this fall. I have yet to see a member of this genus in> > flower, so the anticipation is building. Who else is growing Pancratium? > >> > Jim McKenney> >> > Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, 39.03871º North, 77.09829º West, USDA zone> > 7, where the first Lycoris can't be too far off. > > My Virtual Maryland Garden> > BLOG!> > > > Webmaster Potomac Valley Chapter, NARGS > > Editor PVC Bulletin > > > > Webmaster Potomac Lily Society> > > > > > > > > > > > > >> >> > _______________________________________________> > pbs mailing list> >> >> >> >> > > _______________________________________________> pbs mailing list>>>

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