Jim McKenney
Thu, 10 Jul 2008 15:18:12 PDT
Thanks, Tony and Tim.

Tony, I didn’t know the name Pancratium foetidum, but thanks to Google I see
that it’s a Moroccan species. I haven’t noticed too many Moroccans in the
neighborhood here. 

When I think of Pancratium, I think of the Mediterranean sea lilies, I
remember some of the moving descriptions of them blooming out of the sand in
moonlight and pouring out a delicious scent.

But Pancratium FOETIDUM: uh, does it really stink? Just my luck – the only
one which might perform well here is the black sheep of the family.  

Jim McKenney
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7; Pancratium foetidum - not the black sheep but the goat of the family. 
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