Cameron McMaster's visit/talk

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 24 Jun 2008 10:50:49 PDT
Hi all,

Cameron McMaster presented a fascinating talk about the summer rainfall 
areas of South Africa on Sunday night to a small, but enthusiastic audience 
in Gualala. Marlene and Bob Werra journeyed from Ukiah and we had a nice 
reunion with them. He talked about the various habitats and then took us on 
a virtual tour. We all liked the way he arranged his pictures, often with a 
large image of the habitat surrounded by smaller images as inserts with 
some of the delightful plants you might find in that area if you were lucky 
and there at the right time. There were lots and lots of pictures of bulbs 
and geophytic orchids. And we also got to see some members of this forum 
like Ellen Hornig, Tony Avent, Rod and Rachel Saunders, and his wife Rhoda 
who have gone on trips with Cameron. His talk is highly recommended and 
there are two more possibilities to hear it in the United States. The next 
one is tomorrow when he will be speaking at 1:30 p.m. at the UC Botanical 
garden, in Berkeley, California. If you are not a member of that garden or 
a reciprocal garden, you can tell them at the kiosk that you are coming to 
Cameron's talk and they will let you in for free. You will still have to 
pay for parking.

Cameron is also going to talk at Chanticleer Garden in Pennsylvania he 
thinks on July 10th but doesn't have the details.
786 Church Road
Wayne, PA 19087

Our area had a freak lightning storm several days ago with a lot of 
lightening and no rain. Everything is tinder dry here since we have had 
very little rain since February. There are 131 fires burning in our county 
alone, many of them without anyone fighting them in remote areas so we have 
tried to take Cameron places here where there is less smoke. It is always 
such a pleasure to spend time with bulb friends we have met over the 
Internet who share some of the same interests. Cameron lives about as far 
away from us as you can go, but we have much in common in our delight in 
seeing plants and our desire to preserve those in nature where they grow. 
Cameron has also been busy looking at our local birds and seeing how in 
spite of not having the same pollinators a lot of African plants grow well 
in California.

Mary Sue

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