Mark McDonough antennaria@charter.net
Tue, 24 Jun 2008 10:02:06 PDT
Jim Waddick asked about the status of my Ixiolirion bulbs that once grew.  I've been on summer hiatus from email these days, sorry about the late response

Sharing the experience of others, they only lasted and flowered beautifully for 1 year.  I had them in a very well drained spot, but only a few wisps of foliage appeared in the 2nd spring, and they are no more.  I'll try to remember to buy more this fall, they certainly are cheap enough.  I did sprinkle lots of seed around after their first and last flowering... who knows, maybe one will pop up and surprise me one day.

Speaking of surprises, 3 years ago after a terribly wet spring, I lost my big clump of Eremurus stenophyllus.  A few weeks ago I noticed an odd looking seedling growing among my "hardy hibiscus bed", a couple meters away from where the original clump grew, and it was indeed an Eremurus seedling.  I pried it loose from the massive Hibiscus roots and replanted in a raised free-draining spot.... not sure if I killed it in the process.

Mark McDonough
USDA Zone 5
Massachusetts, USA, near the New Hampshire border

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