Osmani Baullosa
Tue, 24 Jun 2008 08:54:27 PDT
Dear members,
I believe that all of us are growers first, before merchants, accusers, etc... And that we all make mistakes. I owe nothing to anyone, as far as I know, except respect. I only ask the same for me. I apologize again for making public a private matter, and for taking -sometimes- to long to answer. 
To Mr. Nguyen and Mr. Knecht: I believe that you are good will persons, and subject to exasperation like anyone of us. Good will is always the best short cut to to problems; and the best way to what's really -or, at least, very- important for this forum members: to grow these difficult, fascinating plants that will surely outlive us and that sometimes depend on us to their survival. So, I'll come back to do to what I do best: to grow and preserve. The rest is just an incident.
With Best Regards,


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