endangered plants

Douglas Westfall eagle85@flash.net
Tue, 24 Jun 2008 08:34:12 PDT
Being ANYTHING other than an expert, I want to take off on Mr.  
Hannon's very educated observation.

Several years ago, the Forestry Service was "Creating" new roads in  
Sequoia near our cabin. In the process, many Calochortus and  
Dicklostemma bulbs were being turned up and exposed to "critters" and  
the sun/snow. I decided to take a few home for a period of time and  
return them to the "wild". In a couple of years, the bulbs had  
multiplied and were blooming VERY well. I had pots full of them. So, I  
decided it was time to return them to their "natural" environment.

Five years later, the many bulbs that I planted are now three, and  
they have never bloomed.

Also, check the health problems that California Tortoises encounter  
after being "restored" to their "natural habitat."

Learned my "lesson" five years ago!


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