Bulb requirements - was Ixiolirion

Diane Whitehead voltaire@islandnet.com
Wed, 25 Jun 2008 09:59:44 PDT
Jim McKenney's message of June 25 is a wide-ranging discussion of bulb  
requirements in different areas.

I think it may be missed by anyone skipping the Ixiolirion messages,  
so I would like to draw attention to it.
I have included just a few snippets, but the whole message is well  
worth reading.

Diane Whitehead

On 25-Jun-08, at 9:17 AM, Jim McKenney wrote:

> It’s always intriguing to me to hear other gardeners explain their  
> successes
> and failures. Most of us have one or two major circumstances which  
> greatly
> influence the bulbs we grow.
> One thing this has taught me is this: take with a generous grain of  
> salt
> reports based on experience in climates different than my own.
> ... each of us has circumstances which influence our
> successes and failures, yet circumstances we might not even realize.  
> Soil
> temperature is one .........
> Another neglected factor is day length. .......


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