Yuri Pirogov jukp@aha.ru
Wed, 25 Jun 2008 09:34:45 PDT
Dutch grown Ixiolirion have bad reputation here too. So I did not expect too 
much when I collected them among other things in Central Asia two years ago.
Nevertheless, it is still alive after two winters and it gave me good blooms 
this spring. Interesting, two clones have very different bloom time. First 
one bloomed in late May, second one bloomed after mid June when first one 
has almost ripe seeds. I must say, the past summer was very hot and dry.
I'm not sure it needs good drainage because it is very widespread in the 
nature and is really a weed on the plains and fields.

Yuri Pirogov
near Moscow, Russia
zone 3 or 4 

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