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Tue, 24 Jun 2008 16:32:18 PDT
Yesterday, before responding on the topic of Ixiolirion, I went back and
read what David Griffiths had to say about it in his pamphlet (Circular 311,
USDA, 1934) Bulbs From Seed. Based on his experience in growing the plant at
the Bellingham Bulb Station, Bellingham, Washington, he reported no
particular problems with Ixiolirion. The plant bloomed in late June there,
seed ripened in late July or early August. Seed sown at that time (at
Bellingham an effort to complete seed sowing by late August was the rule
because the rains which followed in late August and September made such work
difficult)   generally germinated the following April. Griffiths reported
that if left in the ground from year to year, the seedlings started to bloom
profusely (his word) in the third year. 


Note that under his conditions he felt it safe to leave the bulbs in the
ground from year to year. Griffiths was growing bulbs from seed as field
crops: they did not enjoy the benefits of rain cover, greenhouse
jump-starts, raised beds and so on. 



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