Kelly O'Neill kellyo@wetrock.com
Tue, 24 Jun 2008 17:47:20 PDT
> >I have no idea how these behave in other climates, but under my
> >conditions many bulbs, and these two in particular, need to mature into
> >drought.
> I also have not been able to keep Ixiollirion in the garden. I thought
> perhaps it was winter wet that did it in, since I had it in a section that
> is not watered in summer, when it rarely rains here

Jim's advice about maturing into drought (basically dry a month before the 
foliage dies down) rings true for me. I have had a tough time believing in 
such drought being good. I think I still overwater most all bulbs that like (OK, 
NEED) a dry dormancy. ( Often, loving them to death with water.) I'm not 
sure how much drier Jane's springs are than mine (I'm around 100 miles 
south of her)? My guess is we usually get too much spring rain for the semi 
early blooming Ixiolirion. Growing among grasses and other plants that suck 
up the spring moisture as soon as it falls might help?
  Saturday, I saw great Ixiolirion blooming in pots at the Farmers market in 
eugene. These were grown by Lou of the "Buggy Crazy" booth. He grows 
many natives and the biggest lilium bulbs I have ever seen (soccer ball 
wide). I think his farm is near Sweethome, OR. He grows things much drier 
than i do. He claims he does not water any of his lilys. I'm trying to be more 
like him every year. He does dig his Ixiolirion every year. My guess is he 
grows em in pots and dumps the pots every summer or fall. I need to go see 
his place sometime and try and see how dry I should be :-). At least some of 
his plants are sold online by someone. I recently saw his business listed in 
an article as a source. It may have been in  the PBS newsletter or NARGS.

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