Sale of endangered bulb species

Ronald Redding
Mon, 23 Jun 2008 17:17:26 PDT
We share many of the same views and our differences are small I hope the material that is sold is for the benefit of the species as well as the benefit of individial. I am not in a position to be able to say if anyone is a professional or an amateur however I know that any endeavour costs money and that we need to protect what is left. That is why it is good to have these discussions to find a balance however that balance is never going to please everyone. I hope I am making a difference for the good of the plants I grow, however they also have costs associated with making sure they stay around and produce offspring.  It is truly rewarding to be able to sell swap or give away a plant that I have produced however in order for me to produce it I have to be able to obtain the parents from somewhere and that is nearly always seed. I take care of my plants to the best of my ability and check on them everyday as they are all special and would hope that they are all treated this way by everyone. I hope everyones intentions are not driven soley by greed and money at all costs with no regard for the consequences.
Love you and my plantsRon ReddingHervey BayAustralia
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