Answering Nhu Nguyen and his partner Mr. Jacob Knecht

Osmani Baullosa
Mon, 23 Jun 2008 18:12:41 PDT

Mr. Nguyen, nice to greet you and your partner.
Thanks for apologizing for your "mistake"... I would not have answered to you publicly, considering what was this wiki created for, but I know many people in this community and, just like you say: I also "feel it's important to be clear regarding the experience".

I just have to say that, if you are gonna order seeds in the future (for you or for any friend of yours), please let the sender know what´s your correct address. Your partner, Jacob Knecht, has not told me YET why the letter was returned to me, even when I wrote the address exactly as he told me... as both of you could see in the picture of the enveloppe I attached to last week´s e-mail message... 
I am still waiting for the answer... I guess that for you is easier to complain that to give a good reason. The picture of the returned envelope is posted in this site:
As you made public the situation, I also want (only in order that people can know all the available sources the have the right to) to say that: 
To Everyone that reports to me the seeds has not arrived, I fully refund, whatever be the reason. I even told this to your friend when I (ME) CALLED him by phone some days ago.  
I offered Mr. Knecht, after fully refunding last week, that we can try it again -totally costless for him- if he send another address. I am also a grower and can eventually place first the interest of people for new species . I could have gladly sent the items for free. I have done it before, when things like this happens.  Some people in this community could tell about that.
About the US$ 10 Mr. Knecht sent to me a few minutes ago... I would say that kind of joke is absolutely unnecessary, believe me. I have already paid the phone bill for the call I made from Chile to US, long time ago.  
Well, nothing left to say, at least by now. Have a nice day.

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Date: Monday, June 23, 2008, 1:16 PM

Hi everyone,

I apologize for sending the private message to the list. I just want to
clarify the experience with Mainly Bulbous Gems, which I did not intend to
make public, at least yet, as a resolution is still trying to be reached
with the vendor.  Regrettably, our complaint has now been made irreversibly
public and with this in mind, I feel it's important to be clear regarding
the experience.

I misspoke when I said it took 3 months for the vendor respond. What really
happened was that there were a few exchanges of emails (and even one phone
conversation) during that time.  The frustrating things were that email
inquiries regarding the status of orders (that have still yet to arrive - we
just found out that it was sent back to Chile) would continuously go
unanswered for weeks at a time.  As a customer we were kept in the dark as
to what was going on.

Only when emails were sent expressing exasperation with the status of the
transaction and/or threat file a complaint with PayPal refund  did
communication finally come from the vendor and even then it was somewhat
cryptic.  To sum things up, communication has been very poor and that
coupled with waiting periods in excess of three months for bulbs and seeds
still not received, is enough to make a customer not want to order again.


On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 11:23 AM, Nhu Nguyen <>

> Dear David,
> Thanks for your recommendations about the chileflora site. I briefly
> checked it out and it has a lot of great seeds which I am interested in.
> I would like to take up your offer on Rh. splendens, and Rh. phycelloides.
> My partner has recently had negative dealings with Mainly Bulbous
> Gems/Osmani Baullosa. Basically, communication was *horrible *and it took
> 3 months and several complaints before he responded. I'll get him to
> post to the group or email you directly about his experience.
> Thanks again for the offer!
> Nhu Nguyen
> 527 Beloit Ave
> Kensington, CA 94708
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