Lilium michiganense - variants

James Waddick
Wed, 25 Jun 2008 16:49:16 PDT
Dear Friends and esp. Iain,
	Within the next two days I expect to have 50 plus stems of 
Lilium michiganense in bloom. Most stems are 3 ft tall with a single 
bloom, but a few are up to 5 ft tall with up to 5 flowers per stem. 
The run around my half-shade garden and are an architectural delight 
even out of bloom- The whorls of foliage seem impossibly elegant at 
times. The brilliant orange turks-cap flowers add a jewel-like touch 
to the picture.

	So the literature says there are populations that have bright 
yellow flowers, and others closer to red flowers, A friend from the 
American Lily Society has verified that tetraploids exist and so do 
other color combinations (green throat, spotted etc.)

	Since this is so 'happy' in my garden, I'm ready to plant 
other color forms near by. Can anyone suggest a source for any of 
these? At least the red or yellow forms? Do they come true from seed? 
and is there a seed source anywhere?

	Ready to expand!

			Thanks		Jim W.
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