Ixiolirion & lime

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Wed, 25 Jun 2008 16:29:30 PDT
Dear all,
	I find all the pros and cons of bulb needs very interesting, 
but like Adam give high credence to provenance or where the bulb 
originated. Ixiolirion is a plant of Central Asian steppes and would 
seem tailor made for my growing conditions in the Central American 
Steppes (U.S. Prairie) . Cold winter, low to moderate rainfall, high 
temps in summer. limestone soils etc etc.
	Perhaps the bulbs genetic transposition through Dutch care 
has made them less agreeable to quasi-native treatments.

	And perhaps my best bet would be grow them from seed 
collected in the wild from a habitat more similar to mine than the 
Dutch bulb fields.

	And this relates to the subject of lime. I know, I know, I 
know that  prepared soil and soilless mixes are pH adjusted to be 
neutral (ph 7.0) or nearly so, but (I think) I see better growth when 
I add a seasoning of pulverized lime/ limestone to each pot and some 
get a larger helping like peonies and hellebores.

	Call me crazy to add lime where the water pH is almost 11 
(yes, true), but it does seem to help.

		Best		Jim W.
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