Rhodophiala Seed Offer to PBS Members

Alberto Castillo ezeizabotgard@hotmail.com
Mon, 23 Jun 2008 13:41:46 PDT
Dear all: 
           The following info is provided in the category Rare Plants of this site Chileflora that is being promoted here.
"These are plants which are rare and/or endangered in Chile. You can help preserve rare plants by planting and propagating them, so as to create a genetic pool back-up in case the Chilean wild populations go extinct.. "
In other words., you can help preserve these plants from extinction by purchasing seed from them. These are very local and rare species and the world is upside down if one helps prevent the extinction of a species by making money out of their precious and invaluable seed. 
Along this, have you ever heard of Jane Goodall selling chimpanzee meat or Diane Fossey trading gorilla skins to fund their research? Or to help preserve "these species from extinction". This is not serious. Reputable bulb seed tradespeople like the Saunders or the McMasters among others state clearly that they DO NO SELL seed of rare or endangered species. 
It seems doubt is cast on Osmani Baullosa's seed business. Many of us have tried their seed or seed grown bulbs. Quality of the seed is superb, with a 100% germination, a situation only possible when seed is very fresh. And there have been no problems others than those caused by postage problems that are outside Mr. Baullosa or any other's sphere of action. For instance. a letter from England to France takes 4 days to reach here, Argentina. A letter from such neighboring countries as Chile or Brazil has taken 40 days! From the States it can take from 6 to 35 days. These circumstances are beyond possible solution and the only resource is patience. Material from Mr. Baullosa was always received in due course and the delays were of course not in his power. 
I know others have enjoyed a similar satisfactory service from him.
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