Winterflowering Kniphofias

Juliet Leigh
Sat, 01 Mar 2008 18:20:10 PST
Hi guys,
These are photos I took yesterday of Kniphofias ( species?)flowering on the 
side of the road. There were also some nerines (sp?)-earlier than my garden 
by a long way. Maybe the grass acted as a mulch during the arid 
January-early-Feb we had, so they were ready to go once we had some cooler 
Juliet Leigh
Northland, NZ

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I would agree that genetic distribution plays a role in Gladiolus
dalenii as we have seen this first hand.  We have clones that bloom in
May/June and others that flower in October/November.  Such has not been
the case with kniphofia.  We were given "earlier flowering forms" of K.
rooperi and K. sarmentosa that flowered starting in fall and all winter
when grown about 3 hours south (1 zone warmer).  When we planted them,
they changed cycles and flowered during the time that we know as normal
for those species, K. rooperi in the late summer through early October
and late March for K. sarmentosa.  I've since grown both from numerous
wild collections, and unlike the gladiolus have seen no difference in
flowering times.  Thoughts?

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Lauw de Jager wrote:
> Tony,
> As John and Ellen confirm, this must have something to o with   region of
> origin of the various populations.  The same cause of the difference in
> flowering period was noted for Gladiolus dalenii.
> Greetings
> Lauw de Jager
> Le 28/02/08 13:26, « Tony Avent » <> a écrit :
>> I continue to be fascinated by how climate affects flowering time.
>> Kniphofia rooperi flowers here from August-October.
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