Begonia boliviensis

Deborah Jordan
Sat, 01 Mar 2008 22:38:31 PST
Hi all--

I recently obtained seeds of this in a trade that was really for some other species. I had mentioned I wanted something nice and longer blooming for the shady patio this summer. Since we are having enough translation problems with our original trade (my Spanish leaves much to be desired!) I didn't want to trouble him for even more translation aggravations. I noticed Mary Sue had some really nice pictures of this in the WIKI--so thought someone might could give me some hints. Specifically, average germination times, temps, time to flowering (I had hoped that would be short), dormancy requirements (there is dry and then really dry!). I grow a lot of bulbs from seeds but never any begonia's. Forgive me if this has been a topic of threads in the past, I looked but if its there, I did not see it. If so, point me to a year and I'll find it. Also, not much found in the typical google search either.

Thanks in advance and stay safe all,

in sunny Houston (high today 79F) Texas; clear blue skies, birds chirping, and six species of Freesia's, freely blooming! 

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