Peony Chameleons

Jim McKenney
Sun, 16 Mar 2008 10:02:27 PDT
Thank you, Jim Waddick, for inadvertently answering a question which has
been bugging me ever since this issue arose.

You see, there are really NOT two peonies named Chameleon/chameleon. 

The Krekler/Klehm hybrid is Paeonia 'Chameleon'.

The other entity is Paeonia x chamaeleon Troitsky ex Grossheim. 

Note the difference in spelling: the garden peony is named with the American
spelling Chameleon.

The Troitsky ex Grossheim entity is spelled (as you would expect from a
non-American) chamaeleon. 

Until I followed your link to Carsten Burkhardt's site, I only suspected
this spelling difference, but it made me very happy to see it confirmed at
his site. 

So really there is no need to change either name because they are not really
the same.  

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