Gladiolus cultivation

Dell Sherk
Sun, 16 Mar 2008 10:14:06 PDT
Dear All,


      A number of gladiolus species were offered on the PBS 2008 Clearance
Sale and on BX 166. I have been looking at photos of Glad. species on our
wiki and in various books in my library and am amazed at their beauty and
variety. I think that they are much more beautiful than the common gladiolus
hybrids that we see so often. I would like to try to grow some of them -
actually, all of them - but I don't know quite where to begin. Would any of
you who have had success with this genus be so kind as to share some
cultivation tips with the rest of us?


Happy Spring,



In SE PA, Zone 6/7; where galanthus, eranthis, crocus, narcissus, and Iris
reticulata are in profuse bloom even before forsythia has started! Indoors,
hippeastrums have started - H. papilio has just finished - and Bulbine
frutescens, a pleasant discovery that is not, strictly speaking, a geophyte,
has been in charming, bright yellow, wildflower bloom in the greenhouse for
at least two months.

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