Albuca superfast germinators

Deborah Jordan
Wed, 19 Mar 2008 11:56:08 PDT

Albuca's definitely germinate fast for me too, outside from February on--usually about 2 weeks in containers. They tolerate a lot of neglect from me (i.e. I forget to water the seedlings a lot and full blazing Texas sun as seedlings too) and like it on the dry side in the winter; but tolerate a fair amount of winter rainfall too. What's also nice about them, in my opinion anyway, is that they form nice, good sized bulbs in the first growing season. I do A aurea, A nelsonii, and something that came to me as A humilis. I've also got some A clanwilliamgloria hopefully on its way from SilverHIll--I ordered that one because the picture was nice in the Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs and I thought the name was cool. Not a very scientific way of making a decision but the others I have grow well, so hopefully that one will too. I like this species because its easy and fun.


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