Descriptive terms for unidentified bulbs

Jane McGary
Wed, 19 Mar 2008 10:54:27 PDT
I'm sorry to keep this thread up, but had to comment on:
>It sounds like perhaps I could have been using Romulea cf.
>bulbocodium instead of Romulea aff. bulbocodium.

A botanist once told be that "cf." should not be used unless one has 
actually compared (one meaning of conferre) the plant in question with 
herbarium specimens. It this is so, "aff." would be safer for those of us 
who don't have access to the world's herbaria. However, I shall continue to 
use question marks, particularly on the totally confusing green-and-brown 
Fritillaria species, quite a lot of which are now in flower here.

Jane McGary

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