glad germination

Kenneth Hixson
Tue, 18 Mar 2008 14:59:08 PDT
Hi, Debbie
> I don't use grit on anything because a fine layer of 

grit on the top of any pot of bulb seeds will turn into

a thin layer of cement as soon as the temperature reaches

89F here

	From this I assume you use a "grit" that
includes the "fines" or sand.  It is also possible
to get what is called (for instance) 3/8 "open",
meaning the largest particles are 3/8", and the
smaller pieces, or "sand", are sieved out.  If you
can't get a larger "grit" size, try sifting out
the smaller particles.  An aquarium supply store often
carries "aquarium sand" in larger sizes-1/8 to 1/4".
If you have access to a farm store, ask what they have
for poultry or chicken grit.
	I use pumice for pot toppings for most things
that will germinate while it is still raining, but
pumice will dry out and blow around in the summer, so
for anything that takes a while to germinate, "grit"
is a better choice.

	I'm still amazed, after years of seeing it,
at how much cooler it is, and how much moister, below
a few inches of either one.


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