Eranthis hyemalis Tubergenii Group 'Guinea Gold'

Paul T.
Tue, 18 Mar 2008 14:47:43 PDT
>To answer your other question, Paul, I think I've read that the original
>'Guinea Gold' is/was "sterile". I'll repeat my usual caveat here: claims of
>sterility in the older literature have to be taken with caution. Often the
>"sterility" in question is the result of a triploid condition in a
>population which is otherwise diploid. Such triploids often give abundant
>viable seed when pollinated by tetraploids.

Or, of course, they were sterile in those conditions, but taken into 
other conditions they were no longer sterile.  I often here talk of 
particular things which are sterile in such-and-such a country, but 
here in Aus (or vice versa) they produce seed.  Sometimes a change in 
environment can beat that sterility, and all it takes is one beating 
of that sterility to start producing those seedlings that muddy the 
waters as to the name being a clone or a group.  And that is leaving 
aside the just plain "wrong thing under wrong name" problem that 
brings named clones uniqueness undone. <grin>


Paul T.
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