galanthus query

Thu, 27 Mar 2008 01:49:49 PDT
Is it all possible to send an image of this plant?I grow 400 odd galanthus 
and should be able to help with a good photo or two.
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Hello All.  I don't know galanthus and only have one. But it is blooming
now, here in a Chicago suburb (NW sie) . I brought it from an abandoned
house north of here about 10 years ago and it has bloomed ever since with no
care whatsoever in a clayey loam. It has gone through -25° F and survived.
It is never more than 4" high. Is the size and hardiness a clue to the
They all look essentially the same to me, except for the size factor.
(Parading my ignorance). Can anybody offer a reasonable guess as to species.
I will believe anything you say,  contrary to my usual skepticism.

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