Eranthis pinnatifida

John T Lonsdale
Fri, 07 Mar 2008 12:07:33 PST
"Has anyone succeeded with Eranthis pinnatifida?"

Indeed, yes.  A few plants are flowering now in the garden; it has been here
for about 9 years and I've also raised seedlings from fresh seed to
flowering size in about 4 years.  They are tricky - keeping them through
their first dormancy is the problem, not too dry but not too wet.  Eranthis
stellata is also flowering at the moment, that also presents the same
problems from seed but I do have a few 3 year-old seedlings.  They are both
beautiful.  Last year's seed collections were scratched into the soil around
the parents in the hope that they would do OK there.  The only Eranthis I've
germinated from stored 'old' seed is E. longistipitata - which is supposed
to grow in more arid areas anyway so might be expected to have longer-lived



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