Peony Chameleons

James Waddick
Sun, 16 Mar 2008 09:19:50 PDT
Dear Jim and all,
	Yes there are two "chameleons' in the peony garden.

	The first is P. x chameleon Troitsky ex Grossheim, Flora 
Kavkaza 2: 92 (1930) a hybrid of P. daurica x P. mlokosewtschii. 
This is discussed briefly in 'The Genus Paeonia' (Halda & Waddick, 
2004, Timber Press). According to Hong D-Y's newest views on this 
complex, both of these earlier species would now just be considered 
local forms  of P. daurica.  You can read some of the back ground at 
Paige Woodward's web site on peonies. Just scroll down to P. daurica 

	The second is a cultivar unfortunately named 'Chameleon' by 
Kreckler/Klehm (2001) can be seen at the Song Sparrow Nursery web site…

	I say unfortunate, because a registrar should not really 
accept a second name that is identical to one already used in the 
genus and easily confused in the literature and by growers.

	You can also see more info about both names on Carsten 
Burkhardt's remarkable site devoted peonies at
	and clicking on both chameleons there.

	And the peonies are starting to show some life this spring, here, too.

		Best		Jim W.

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