Cal-Sibe Iris

James Waddick
Sun, 16 Mar 2008 09:45:21 PDT
Dear Dan and all,
	The Cal-Sibes or Calsibe are a valid and growing group of 
hybrids.  They are formed by the cross between a Pacific Coast Native 
iris (PCN) (all of which have 40 chromosomes) and a Siberian Iris 
with 40 chromosomes, the Sinosiberian sub-group.
	There are dozens of these named cultivars. One of the most 
influential hybridizers is Dr. Tomas Tamberg ( see…)

  and others in the US such as Jean Witt and Lorena Reid come to mind. 
You can see quite a few at and scroll down 
to click to other pages including back crosses called 'Sibcal 

	They do best in areas where the PCNs and Sino-siberian do 
well, but some of the hybrids are more widely adaptable than either 

	Try some.		Jim W.

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