Wiki Additions- Narcissus, Romulea, Trillium, Freesia

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 07 Mar 2008 20:35:02 PST
Added to the wiki in the last 7 days:
More Narcissus miniatures from Jay Yourch now in bloom:……

Romulea kamisensis blooming for the first time for me from seed. This is an 
attractive species from Namaqualand, but more restrained in size that some 
of the other amazing ones in bloom at the moment: Romulea monadelpha, 
Romulea sabulosa, Romulea diversiformis, Romulea kombergensis, Romulea 
subfistulosa, Romulea atrandra…
This is the first year I have Romulea subfistulosa in bloom and I'm really 
excited about it. I've been spreading some of my Romulea seed about in a 
grass/weed area between some beds that isn't watered in summer and so far 
the only one to bloom and return in subsequent years is Romulea flava, but 
I'm going to keep trying.

Nicely fragrant and blooming for awhile is Freesia fergusoniae. I added 
another picture of it to the wiki. The color of the flowers seems a paler 
yellow this year and I'm not sure why. I save seed and started some more so 
it could be a hybrid, although I've notice that some of the bulbs I grow 
don't look the same when they flower in subsequent years. My weedy Freesia 
alba is starting to bloom around my garden and it along with some Hyacinth 
hybrids that bloom well for me every year are making it smell really nice 
to be wandering around the garden at the moment.…

Finally the local form of Trillium ovatum sometimes has dark spots on the 
leaves. I collected local seed and tried to grow it on, but always lost it 
in subsequent years. Finally I just harvested seed and planted it in areas 
of my garden I thought it ought to like and tried to give those areas a bit 
of water that first summer and now I have a couple of clumps that are 
finally blooming.…

Mary Sue

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