glad germination/other topics

Deborah Jordan
Tue, 18 Mar 2008 20:48:35 PDT
Diane--I get my seed from South Africa; SilverHill and 2 other friends that trade me glad seed for Zephyranthes and Habranthes species which I have an over abundance of all summer long and they want. In fact, they are my best bargaining "chip" for trading, I have a very large collection of these because they are so easy down here. I also save my own seed. I like seeds from other sources too (of any species) for genetic diversity, even if I already grow some.

Jim--I do also do a lot of other things besides glads--was just trying to stay on topic; well, stay on topic other than my rant about the heat down here and the challenges it presents. I do a lot of Iridaceae from the Cape, South America, Mexico and Texas too. I have a pretty large collection of Texas natives--I even do some of the more bizarre Texas bulbs like Schencaulon texanum.

Ken--Respectfully, nothing but very moisture-retentive mediums work on the top of anything down here for seed germination. I've tried grit, pumice, sands of all sizes, you name it; I've tried it. Otherwise, July through September, I'd have to water 3 times a day. I do add perlite and pea gravel if I need more drainage lower in the pot--just doesn't work on top for germination. Once the seeds (of any kind) have germinated, its another matter. Sometimes I put pea gravel on the top as a visual reminder not to water this one too much.

Jim W-- I haven't had the joys of heaving but I do experience the joys of the drought/deluge cycle. It seldom rains lightly down here; if it rains, 2"-4" at a time are not uncommon; although we only got about an inch today and it fell rather softly. As we are fond of saying down here, "We live in a constant state of drought frequently interrupted by deluges".

Carlos--Thank You!

**I am not guilty of taking that last copy of SubTropical glads from that first source but I did get one from abebooks, thanks for that info. I already have the Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs so thought I should get this one over the other Glad book.

**Did anyone but me see those Breezand Dutch show pics with the huge display of Narcissus 'Chromacolor' (thank you for all those additions Jay) from Daffnet? That was one "over the top" show, no?

**In my opinion, if Janis Ruksans says he's never seen a real Eranis tubergenii (disclaimer here--I know nothing about the bulb) I tend to believe him. In my opinion, he's phenomenal.  ;)

Houston, Texas
(where G tristis is budded up and about to bloom and remains wet all year long)

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