Wiki Additions-- Gladiolus

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 18 Mar 2008 20:47:56 PDT
I've finished splitting up the Southern African Gladiolus pages which was a 
big job. New photos from Bob Werra, Cameron McMaster, Bob Rutemoeller, Rod 
Saunders, and myself.…
On this wiki page I added an additional picture of Gladiolus angustus, new 
species G. arcuatus, new species Gladiolus aureus, new species Gladiolus 
bonaspei, a new picture of G. brevifolius and a new picture of G. bullatus. 
I really enjoyed the first flowering for me this year of Gladiolus bonaspei 
which held up well in our winter rainfall. Other species sometimes fall 
over. My last picture even has raindrops on it.…
Additional picture of G. cardinalis…
New pictures of G. cunonius, G. dalenii, new species G. densiflorus, a 
picture of a pink specimen of Gladious ecklonii, new picture of G. equitans…
New species G. fourcadei, additional pictures of G. guthriei and G. 
huttonii, new species G. hyalinus…
New species G. inflatus, new picture of G. liliaceus, new species G. 
longicollis, new pictures of G. maculatus, new species G. marlothii…
Additional new photos of G. monticola, G. orchidiflorus, G. papilio, and G. 
New photos of G. permeabilis, G. pritzelii, new species G. pubigerus, new 
pictures of G. quadrangularis, G. rudis, and G. scullyi…
New species G. serpenticola, new pictures of G. speciosus, G. splendens, 
and G. tristis.…
New photos of G. undulatus, G. uysiae, new species G. vinosomaculatus, new 
picture of a pink G. virescens grown by Alan Horstmann, new photos of G. 
watermeyeri and G. watsonius, new species G. wilsonii

In pots or my garden right now blooming are G. tristis, G. caeruleus, G. 
aureus, G. huttoni, hybrids of G. huttoni and G. tristis, G. virescens 
(which is wonderfully fragrant), and G. hyalinus. There are some others 
spiking and some that were eaten by something before they bloomed that 
otherwise would be blooming now.

Mary Sue

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