Natal Drakensberg Gladiolus
Sat, 03 May 2008 02:44:33 PDT
Hi all,

Following Mark request about Gladiolus that "might do it"... Here is the list of the species native from the Natal Drakensberg:

Gladiolus flanaganii (2300 to 3500m) - hanging from crevices of wet basalt cliffs.
Gladiolus saundersii (2400 to 3000m) - stony places.
Gladiolus dalenii (up to 2500m) - grassland and scrub.
Gladiolus symonsii (1900 to 3200m) - grass slopes and cliffs.
Gladiolus papilio ( up to 2400m) - marshy grounds.
Gladiolus microcarpus (1800 to 2700m) - hanging on wet cliffs, wedged in the rock.
Gladiolus longicolis (up to 2900m) - stony grasslands.
Gladiolus pugioformis (1450 - 1980m) - moist grasslands.
Gladiolus loteniensis (1800m - southern Berg only) - grasslands around rocks at streamside.
Gladiolus ecklonii (up to 2500m) - grasslands.
Gladiolus crassifolius (up to 1950m) - grasslands.
Gladiolus sericeo-villosus (up to 1750m) - grasslands.
Gladiolus woodii (up to 1990m) - rocky grasslands.
Gladiolus parvulus (up to 2400m) - short rocky grasslands, often in colonies.

Other Iridaceae in the same area includes Romulea (3 species), Moraea (15 species), Dietes (1 species), Homeria (1 species), Aristea (5 species), Schizostylis (1 species), Hesperantha (14 species), Dierama (8 species), Crocosmia (3 species), Tritonia (2 species) and Watsonia (5 species)....

I will post more about those in forthcomming mails...


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