Moraea from the Natal Drakensberg
Sat, 03 May 2008 03:08:26 PDT
Another of my favourite genus... even so not yet tried in the garden:

Moraea alticola (2400 to 2900m) - mashy grasslands and stream gullies.
Moraea huttonii (up to 2400m) - streamsides, in the water, often among rocks.
Moraea spathulata (up to 2600m) - moist grasslands.
Moraea trifida (up to 2400m) - grasslands.
Moraea carnea (1800 to 2700m) - damp grass slopes and along streams.
Moraea unibracteata (up to 1900m) - moist grasslands.
Moraea albicuspa (1800 to 2525m) - damp grasslands under cliffs, around rock sheets or on rocky slopes.
Moraea brevistyla (up to 2400m) - grasslands.
Moarea modesta (1525 to 3200m) - grasslands.
Moraea dracomontana (2100 to 3000m) - grassland near streams.
Moraea alpina (2680 to 3200m) - shallow soil over rock, dry gravelly patches, or turf.
Moraea stricta (up to 2400m) - grasslands.
Moraea inclinata (1525 to 2400m) - grasslands.
Moraea elliotii (up to 1525m) - moist grasslands.
Moraea ardesciana (1800 to 2350m) - grasslands near streams.

Among the yellow flower species, M. alticola, M. huttonii and M. spathulata form large clumps. All other species grow singly.


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