Judy Glattstein
Fri, 16 May 2008 05:11:03 PDT
I like the scent of Fritillaria imperialis. My husband finds it 
unpleasant. But then I also like butyl mercaptan (skunk) if not fresh 
application - did have a de-scented skunk for a house pet for 5 years.

I also do not detect fragrance from Tulbaghia simmleri (= T. fragrans).

Isn't there some correlation between the ability to taste a certain 
flavor (as Lee Poulsen mentioned) and the ability to curl the sides of 
your tongue to form a sort of tube?

And when my cat comes indoors on a cold winter day is there some scent 
of "cold" that clings to his fur for a few moments, or is it my imagination.

Judy in New Jersey where the rainy morning is intensifying the scent of 
fresh green growth.

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