Tropical bulbs

Narad (Richard Eggenberger)
Fri, 16 May 2008 09:08:20 PDT
Dear PBS members,

My name is Richard Eggenberger, known as Narad in India where I am in  
charge of building the Gardens of the Matrimandir in  Auroville, South  
India.  There is a wealth of information on Auroville and the  
Matrimandir on the internet as the vision of a universal city built on  
the ideal of human unity.

I have sent my resume to Mary Sue Ittner and have been reading with  
great interest your excellent articles on bulbs but am afraid I am  
very deep water here as my focus for the past 40 years has been  
tropical species.  In this southern part of India the coolest night  
with monsoon rain and wind may hit 68 degrees Fahrenheit!

Through the generosity of friends I have about 12 species and hybrids  
of Zephyranthes and one sp. of Habranthus.  I would be most grateful  
if I could receive bulbs of other species and hybrids that I can carry  
to India when I return each year from late October to first March  
during the best planting season.  We would like to begin a hybridizing  
program for the species for which I am especially fond as its  
spiritual significance in the language of the flowers is "Prayer'.  If  
there are other bulbs that can adapt to this climate, 11 degrees north  
of the equator, hot and humid, I would be most appreciative of your  
suggestions. We do grow Crinum (only one or two varieties), Eurycles,  
Eucharis, Polianthes, and one or two species of Amaryllis that can  
withstand the intense heat of summer.

In any case, I wanted to introduce myself and complement all of you on  
your expertise.


Richard M. Eggenberger (Narad)

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