over-enthusiastic bulbs

shayek.kent@gmail.com shayek.kent@gmail.com
Mon, 05 May 2008 14:19:31 PDT
**I was just going to ask if anyone had Alstroemeria seed itself. 
I've grown it for years and this year is a first. but the Hellebore 
seeded this year, too, so the temps must have been just right at the 
right time for the right length.

Star of Bethlehem doesn't do anything here. nor squill. nor corydalis 
or Pinellia or Hyacinthoides hispanica. I wish.
The bad Allium is all over tho'. In fact I think it's taking over Eureka.


>Star of Bethlehem has to be the worst.  I got "free" bulbs with a bulb order
>50 years ago and didn't like it at all so tried to get rid of.  I still have
>some.  Every time I see a bloom in the garden I stop what I am doing and
>pull bloom off.  I know of a garden (former, LOL) that people think it is a
>lawn even though there is no grass at all.  Squill is  one that takes over
>before you can even decide if you want it.  My favorite weedy bulb is
>Corydalis solida.  It can have the whole neighborhood as far as I am
>concerned.  If only Cyclamen would do that for me. The only other one that I
>consider a weed is Pinellia.

>  > I don't think any bulbs invade natural areas on their own, though
>>  Alstroemeria can explode their seedpods and shoot their seeds a short
>  > distance.
>  >
>  > So - what bulbs would you warn against in your area?

Susan Hayek on the North Coast of CA, USA

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