Photos in The Bulb Garden

Jane McGary
Fri, 07 Nov 2008 13:46:08 PST
Thank you to Marguerite English for her nice presentation of my 
article in the new issue of The Bulb Garden.

There is one correction to make: the photo on p. 9 captioned "Crocus 
baytopiorum" should be "Colchicum baytopiorum."  There is, however, a 
different plant called Crocus baytopiorum -- it is a spring-blooming 
member of the C. vernus group with pale blue flowers. Both species 
honor a husband-and-wife team of Turkish botanists named Baytop (the 
name means "of the Baytops"). Also, in the captions on p. 10, should 
be Crocus asumaniae, not asumania; and this name commemorates Asuman 
Baytop, the wife of the said couple.

To add to the discussion of Cyclamen graecum, I have a good plant of 
it growing in the open for the past 2 years. It survived a hard 
winter this past year and flowered in fall, as well as producing very 
large, showy leaves, obviously happy in a sloping scree bed. This 
species does well in full sun.

I've given a talk based on these trips to a couple of NARGS chapters. 
I'm using some of the photos to develop another presentation on bulbs 
and their native habitats.

Jane McGary

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