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Harold Koopowitz
Fri, 07 Nov 2008 16:54:42 PST
Hi Jane:

I enjoyed your article in this issue of the bulb garden. We went to 
Crete at about the same time a few years ago. It was great fun. I 
have a question and a comment. Is Galanthus peshmenii autumn flowering?

Narcissus serotinus has been confused for centuries. The true N. 
serotinus is a smaller flower and has a lemon yellow corona with an 
inflated floral tube. Your flower with its orange corona is actually 
N. miniatus, the allopolyploid natural hybrid between N. serotinus 
and N. elegans. This has been confirmed by recent DNA analysis. All 
of the floras of the Mediterranean are wrong about the identity. This 
is an ancient hybrid, today the true N. serotinus is confined to 
Morocco, southern Portugal and a few sites in western Spain while the 
hybrid covers most of the Mediterranean.


At 01:46 PM 11/7/2008, you wrote:
>Thank you to Marguerite English for her nice presentation of my
>article in the new issue of The Bulb Garden.
>There is one correction to make: the photo on p. 9 captioned "Crocus
>baytopiorum" should be "Colchicum baytopiorum."  There is, however, a
>different plant called Crocus baytopiorum -- it is a spring-blooming
>member of the C. vernus group with pale blue flowers. Both species
>honor a husband-and-wife team of Turkish botanists named Baytop (the
>name means "of the Baytops"). Also, in the captions on p. 10, should
>be Crocus asumaniae, not asumania; and this name commemorates Asuman
>Baytop, the wife of the said couple.
>To add to the discussion of Cyclamen graecum, I have a good plant of
>it growing in the open for the past 2 years. It survived a hard
>winter this past year and flowered in fall, as well as producing very
>large, showy leaves, obviously happy in a sloping scree bed. This
>species does well in full sun.
>I've given a talk based on these trips to a couple of NARGS chapters.
>I'm using some of the photos to develop another presentation on bulbs
>and their native habitats.
>Jane McGary
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