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M Ashley-Cooper M.Ashley.Cooper@comcast.net
Thu, 20 Nov 2008 01:03:07 PST
A very simple way of a "name" change would merely be to register a new name 
such as "International Bulb Society" or "American Bulb Society" or whatever; 
make a simple web site in that name and then have a forwarding "Click here" 
box to our Pacific Bulb Society's web page.

~Myke Ashley-Cooper

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  So, what you really mean Jane is:

  The Pacifist Bulb Society


  Mr. Kelly M. Irvin
  10850 Hodge Ln
  Gravette, AR 72736
  USDA Cold Hardiness Zone 6a/b


  Jane McGary wrote:
  > Jim Waddick wrote,
  >          I propose a name change for the Pacific Bulb Society to 'The
  >> North American Bulb Society'.
  > I like "Pacific Bulb SOciety" not because I live on the Pacific
  > coast, but because of the other meaning of "pacific." The calmer and
  > more peaceful a plant society is, the happier its members should be;
  > and perhaps the name will be a gentle reminder to those few who
  > actively enjoy conflict.
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