A Modest Proposal/Family information

Christiaan van Schalkwyk cvschalkwyk@lantic.net
Thu, 20 Nov 2008 01:10:22 PST
This post should not be taken seriously :)

This is a "timely" request for a name change - with all the debate going on 
about the change of species and family names !
And I thought we were mostly hobyists and not taxonomists !

Changing all those labels to conform to new ideas . . . I'll rather stick 
with the old name. (Not being American any title with "american" it it 
sounds like as if I should not belong)

>> Taxonomists in general are very highly opinionated with their "group". 
>> When they try to come together, there's usually a hot debate due to the 
>> highly opinionated foundation of the field. (Nhu Nguyen)

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