N. cantabricus flos.

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Sat, 15 Nov 2008 18:52:19 PST
On Nov 15, 2008, at 6:25 PM, Jane McGary wrote:

> Kevin asked,
> At 01:22 PM 11/15/2008, you wrote:
>> Does the foliage of you N. cantabricus come out long before the  
>> flowers?
> This species has a number of different subspecies (or varieties, or
> forms -- you'll have to ask Dr. Koopowitz about Narcissus taxonomy, a
> subject on which I resolutely refuse to risk opinions). In some cases
> the leaves are well developed before a bud emerges, and in others the
> leaves seem to be about half their ultimate length when the scape
> (flowering stem) is about half as long as the leaves. I noticed some
> like that in the bulb frame today.
> I feel that the different subspecies, or whatever they may be, are so
> mixed up in cultivation that it is unwise to apply names like
> "foliosus" and "monophyllus" to plants one has grown from seed of
> cultivated origin. In addition, N. cantabricus has been hybridized
> with N. romieuxii and there are some lovely intermediate forms.
> In flower here today are a N. cantabricus selection from Walter Blom,
> and seedings received as N. eugeniae, which I must look up to see
> what the "correct" (i.e., British taxonomists') name is. The latter
> are pale yellow and up-facing.
> Kevin also asked whether he should chill N. rupicola ssp. watieri
> bulbs. I don't know, because they do get chilled here naturally. Ask
> Harold. For those unfamiliar with it, this is a very lovely pure
> white subspecies, from North Africa; N. rupicola ssp. rupicola is
> deep yellow. I have had hybrids of N. watieri appear as self-sown
> seedlings between the pots, but I don't know the other parent; the
> flowers are pale yellow. There is another member of this complex
> called N. atlanticus, or rupicola ssp. atlanticus, which has
> cream-colored flowers; and one that bears multiple flowers on a
> scape, called N. calcicola. N. rupicola and N. calcicola are hardy in
> the open garden for me, but I haven't risked the others out of the  
> bulb frame.
> Jane McGary
> Northwestern Oregon, USA
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