Leo's Mystery Strumaria

Leo A. Martin leo@possi.org
Tue, 18 Nov 2008 15:14:40 PST
Dylan wrote in reply to Mary Sue

> Leaving floral details aside, I have grown [Strumaria discifera] ssp.
> bulbifera for
> some years and it is very distinct vegetatively since it offsets
> prolifically (every year each plant makes some new offsets). These plants
> have linear, ascending, softly hairy leaves. In contrast, the four
> different accessions (separate gatherings) of ssp. discifera I grow  each
> has different leaf morphology/presentation, and at least one has leaves
> similar to ssp. bulbifera as described above but the plants are solitary.
> Offsetting in this genus in general is uncommon, and I
> would describe all four of these ssp. discifera as solitary bulbs. All
> have been under similar conditions for 5-10 years.

My mystery plant has linear, ascending, softly hairy leaves. There are
multiple plants in the pot but I don't know whether or not that is due to
offsetting; it is a seedling pot that I haven't unpotted since sowing.
When I do repot it next fall I'll try to remember to check whether the
plants are offsetting or solitary.

I pollinated what I believe were separate individuals in the pot and got
seed. I am attempting to sprout it now.


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