Status of Merendera

Max Withers
Tue, 18 Nov 2008 14:23:28 PST
A professional could probably answer this easily, but a quick look at 
ISI JSR (which determines the "impact factors" of scientific journals, 
basically by the frequency of cited articles) shows that Taxon has the 
highest factor (2.524) of any journal devoted specifically to 
systematics. Systematic Botany (NYBG) is 1.632; Botanical Journal of the 
Linnean Society is 1.075. They don't cover Bot. Jb. fur Systematik.

The Annual Review of Plant Biology has the highest impact factor in the 
plant sciences, at 18.712, but all the rest are below 10. Nature, by 
contrast, is 28.751.

Max Withers
Oakland CA
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> The Botanische Jahrb?cher f?r Systematik has considerable whomp. Can anyone
> suggest a journal in English with the same status? I was thinking perhaps
> the Journal of the Linnean Society. (Blurt in haste, repent at leisure).
> Paige Woodward

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