Narcissus Bulb Fly control question using fly control tags for cattle

Deborah Jordan
Thu, 09 Oct 2008 08:47:20 PDT
Justin--I'm just "down the road" from you and we don't have a problem with 
narcissus fly. I assume its one of the positive effects of 6 months of 
unbearable heat and humidity. I'm well familiar with Woodville--lots of 
older relatives there. One thing you do have is heavy pine woods and a 
different soil type than we do. I'm out west of Houston on what used to be 
the great Katy Prairie--where the narcissus fly does not live.

You might consider joining the Texas Daffodil Society, we are pretty active:

Or contact Keith Kridler--he's a bit northwest of you at:

west of Houston, Texas

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Subject: [pbs] Narcissus Bulb Fly control question using fly control tags 
for cattle

> Hi all,  Being very new to this forum and new to bulb growing, there are 
> many things I do not know about. The Narcissus fly is one of them.
> I got a catalog a month or so ago and it is a catalog from Valley Vet 
> Supply. They have all kinds of supplies for Ranchers and other people that 
> raise animals.
> I mention this because on one page of their catalog they have "fly 
> control" tags that are to be put on the ears of cattle and such to control 
> horn flies, face flies and ticks. From their description they appear to be 
> some type of plastic tags impregnated with differing combinations of 
> chemicals for the control of these flies. From reading their description 
> they last about 6 months.
> I was wondering if anyone would think that some of these fly control tags 
> placed on stakes and placed low to the ground next to bulbs, if that would 
> either kill the narcissus bulb fly or just keep it away?
> If anyone out there has tried this let me know. Though the tags are not 
> really expensive they still are kinda pricy for me. I also do not have the 
> knowledge of the Narcissus fly or the facilities to accuratly test such a 
> "offbeat idea."
> Thanks for your time in reading this.
> Justin
> Woodville, TX zone 8b
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