Narcissus Bulb Fly control question using fly control tags for cattle

Justin Smith
Thu, 09 Oct 2008 08:39:44 PDT
Hi all,  Being very new to this forum and new to bulb growing, there are many things I do not know about. The Narcissus fly is one of them.
I got a catalog a month or so ago and it is a catalog from Valley Vet Supply. They have all kinds of supplies for Ranchers and other people that raise animals. 
I mention this because on one page of their catalog they have "fly control" tags that are to be put on the ears of cattle and such to control horn flies, face flies and ticks. From their description they appear to be some type of plastic tags impregnated with differing combinations of chemicals for the control of these flies. From reading their description they last about 6 months.
I was wondering if anyone would think that some of these fly control tags placed on stakes and placed low to the ground next to bulbs, if that would either kill the narcissus bulb fly or just keep it away?
If anyone out there has tried this let me know. Though the tags are not really expensive they still are kinda pricy for me. I also do not have the knowledge of the Narcissus fly or the facilities to accuratly test such a "offbeat idea."
Thanks for your time in reading this.
Woodville, TX zone 8b
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