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Mark Mazer
Thu, 09 Oct 2008 07:37:25 PDT

>	This is an easy garden veg to harvest. Simply remove stalks 
>before the flower. Most often Garlic Chive (Allium tuberosum) flower 
>stalks are sold in Asian Markets, but any garlc flower stems can be 
>cooked an eaten. I agree these are great "foods from bulbs".
>	Any other bulbous food rarities?

Hi Jim:

Native species of Sagittaria, commomly called Arrowhead, have edible tubers and are relatively easy to harvest from the muddy shallows of local ponds.  I believe that there are similar species in Asia and Europe.

Tuberlike growths along the root of the vine Apios americana are known as groundnut or Indian potato, not so good nor commonly found anymore.

Claytonia virginica, the spring beauty, has an edible tuber commonly called fairy spuds, actually quite good roasted.

I snap off garlic scapes from the hardneck varities when they appear, but find them rather tough when consumed as a vegetable. I freeze some for use in flavoring winter soups and stews.  Anyone in the area during June and early July is welcome to stop by the farm for free scapes.

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