Pelargonium hystrix
Tue, 21 Oct 2008 17:11:52 PDT
Hi Pamela,
In the past I have grown P. hystrix in a cool greenhouse during the winter,  
when I was researching the genus at college and when I worked at the NY 
Botanic  Garden. It is an obligate winter grower, and needs coolish conditions to 
grow  well.  It is not fond of water on the foliage, it can get botrytis fungus  
if it is too wet or air movement is poor.  The plant does need reasonable  
soil moisture when growing, and as much sun as possible.  In late winter  
inflorescences appear and elongate, flowers should appear around March or  April or 
so.  If you hand pollinate the flowers, they will set seeds  as it is self 
fertile.  The flowers are at their best as the foliage begins  to fade, and then 
the whole plant needs to be dried off after setting seed or  flowering.  As 
the leaves begin to die back, reduce watering  frequency.  Fungicide 
applications can also be helpful if the plant does  develop botrytis or root rot at any 
P. hystrix can be started from cuttings taken early in the growing season  
(Sept or Oct), treated with rooting powder and planted in a well drained mix. As 
 for pots, I'd recommend a simple clay pot at least 4 inches in diameter, if  
pelargoniums are grown in pots that are too small, they may remain stunted 
and  not develop to their full potential.  
Good luck, it is an interesting species.
Ernie DeMarie
Tuckahoe, Z 6/7
In a message dated 10/20/2008 9:41:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Greetings to all,

I am a new member here  and this is my first post.  I 
have acquired a new plant from Steven  Hammer by the name 
of Pelargonium hystrix and I find that it's hard to  find 
any specific information on the culture for this plant. 
If anyone  could enlighten me on the subject it would be 
much appreciated.   Currently, I have it planted in a 
mesemb soil mix with a touch of orchid  soil called 'Aussie 
Gold'.  The caudex is slightly above the level of  the soil 
and it's in a Zisha pot that is small and round.  I'd post  
a picture but just recently I lost my camera and have to 
replace it  soon.  Does anyone here have pictures to share?

Best  regards,
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